Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beneshwar Fair- People (Part-2 of the Beneshwar Series)

Some interesting faces from the Beneshwar fair. These were the faces which had touched something inside me.

The tribal woman laughing her shyful laughter

Tribal men with colourful turbans.

Colourful dany selling his stuff in the fair.

A tribal girl selling weapons. Her expressions perfectly suiting to the things she's selling.

Peaceful loving face of a tribal mother. I loved the light in her eyes.

A tribal women taking a bath in the river, as per the ritual of the Beneshwar fair.

A jolly old couple selling bows and arrows.

All the sterngth to combat the hardships of his life are visible in his eyes.

A tribal child with her stern expressionless face.

Colourful children selling rangoli colours with their father.

Oblivion in his bliss..!
Hope you enjoyed seeing these, as much as I did clicking.


Sue said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments.

I am quite anxious to explore YOUR beautiful blog. This post is fascinating; wonderful insight and views into a world and culture much different than mine.

I look forward to returning and viewing more of your blog.

Jagriti said...

hi sue...thanks your visit and your appreciation...sorry for coming back on this so late..have been away from this virtual world since some time...

but glad to see you here and you are most welcome in this space, anytime you have feel like.

Mariana Soffer said...

Excelent photographs and the description of them. I felt as if I was actually there. Great post

Take care

YOSEE said...

Brilliant portraits. So much character in each face. Especially the lady in the first picture, you have captured a fleeting mood so well. Best Wishes

Jagriti said...

@ mariana: nice to hear from so gald you liked the pics..thank you.

@ yosee: thank you so much..the lady in the first pic was a treat to click..i wish i cud have taken more pics of her.

Snowbrush said...

I did enjoy your photos. Most of the men looked angry to me. Did they not like being photographed?

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Fantastic pictures of rural India, so colorful and so vibrant. Your pictures come alive on your blog. I also loved you other blog especially the story of the river. Beautifully done.

Jagriti said...

@snowbrush - :) well, they werent really angry, but little skeptical..they couldnt understand why a girl holding a camera with a big mens was interested in taking their photographs and the photographs of the stuff which was mundane for them! some of them were amused too and would pose for the camera, i guess none of those pictures made it till this space!

@ capt: thank you for your visit in the two blogs and for your words of appreciation..hope to see you around.

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