Sunday, February 17, 2008

Journey or destination...?

Parallel tracks of the train ~
Moving together,
What do they gain..?
Talking to them without a mask,"Do you ever meet" I had to ask.
"Does it matter?" the return question
"Do you believe in journey or destination?
Together so much in every terrain,
We shine in the same sun,
And gleam in the same rain;
Still alone in our own way
Never coming in each other's way,
Far in the horizon we may seem to be nearer,
But here in the now we are together;
Any dream is alive till it shatters,
Ours is living, isn't that all that matters?"
I nod in agreement with them and with me,
Yes, it's not the destination, its always the journey...

Friday, February 1, 2008


A bright blue once fresh and promising turning into a rusted, fading brown. Why did this happen? Was the blue not taken care of? Was the weather too unfavourable? Did the blue not wish to remain so? But who would want to get rusted and faded? Actually nobody. But then why do you and me let the spark inside us get extinguished? Why do we let the circumstances get the better of us and let the fire in us die off? Why do we let our weaker side get the better of us and let our individual assets fade away? Why do we not take good care of the fresh and bright blue, fight against the weather to retain its colour and take efforts to prevent it from rusting......?