Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beneshwar Fair- People (Part-2 of the Beneshwar Series)

Some interesting faces from the Beneshwar fair. These were the faces which had touched something inside me.

The tribal woman laughing her shyful laughter

Tribal men with colourful turbans.

Colourful dany selling his stuff in the fair.

A tribal girl selling weapons. Her expressions perfectly suiting to the things she's selling.

Peaceful loving face of a tribal mother. I loved the light in her eyes.

A tribal women taking a bath in the river, as per the ritual of the Beneshwar fair.

A jolly old couple selling bows and arrows.

All the sterngth to combat the hardships of his life are visible in his eyes.

A tribal child with her stern expressionless face.

Colourful children selling rangoli colours with their father.

Oblivion in his bliss..!
Hope you enjoyed seeing these, as much as I did clicking.