Thursday, January 17, 2008

Waking up on a lake...

One of the most beautiful and peaceful experiences one can have on this earth is waking up on a tranquil, blue lake. And what makes it better is that you have spent the night in a tent by the lake, and you awake with the crooning of birds to soak your eyes with the blue of the sky and the lake. This is what we experienced on our trip to a quiet, lesser-known hill station called Bhandardhara ~ a small, uncommercialized place some 3 hours on road from Nasik. The lake rests peacefully surrounded by the Sahayadari hills and indulges in its own subtle games with the changing light since sunrise till sunset. We watched mesmerized as the sun rose from somewhere behind the hills and a golden hue spread over the blue of the clean waters of the lake. With mugs of hot tea in our hands we sat quietly looking in awe as the soft golden rays tickled the lake and then moved on to the trees and eventually us too. How were we feeling..?? Bliss is the word...! :)

This is the tent that we stayed in....

India in the heart- Spirit of Independent India

Taking India in the heart, today's Indian youth is going places.

The spirit of India today is the confidence of the youth in themselves and their determination to do something and make a difference. Free from the age old superstitions India is today a happy blend of eastern values and western practicality. Adopting the best of the western world, but at the same time feeling immense pride in our Indian roots ~ That's the spirit of Independent India today.