Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pachmadhi ~ Water, Fog and Greens...

Just back from a rejuvenating trip to pachmadhi ~
The senses are still filled with its emerald greenery, mystic fog and refreshing water...
The place is beautiful and worth visiting without a doubt, but for some reason other than this, the place brought about the much needed peace and calm to my mind...
Here is some freshness of those greens...some droplets of those water falls and lakes and some magic of the fog ~

At Pachmadhi Lake

A place in between somewhere to nowhere

A carpet of green spread for anyone who wishes to tread and do himeslf a favour

Some wild berries

Some unknown meadow on the way

Some unknown meadow on the way

View from the top of Pandav caves

On the way to Apsara falls

The affair of the droplets of water and the leaf...

~ A wild flower ~ The reckless beauty of the wilderness

At Apsara falls

The Bee Falls

The other colours of the place will follow in the coming posts...