Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After a long time...

Had gone to Alliance Francaise (A.F) on last to last sunday to pay a visit to the library with firm determination to work a little on my french. But as they say "Man (also woman !) proposes and God disposes..!". The library was closed and was not going to be opened that day. I had my camera with me, which I had carried with me just like that. Not knowing what to do with my firm plan disturbed, I was just walking around in the premises of A.F and reached up to the small garden behind the building. Well, needless to say what happened then. A happy hour and a half was spent in taking pictures of the flowers and leaves in the garden. After a long time spent sometime with myself. After a long time picked up up cam and did some involved clicking. So even if the pictures that have come out are not extraordinay, I felt satisfied with the way they turned out.
The hours which were going to be spent in french grammar surrounded by books got spent amidst nature into photography. C'est la vie..!

Here are a couple of pics from that afternoon ~

Glasses at the water cooler ~ loved the red here !

Life ~ making it's way through ~

Harmony ~

Bouganvillea ~ The happy flowers ~

Heart of a flower ~

Lost ~

Waiting ~

Barefoot on the soft green grass on a hot afternoon...ahhhh..what a feeling.....


~ ॐ ~ said...

lovely images.... walking on the grass bare feet is such a bliss...

Jagriti said...

yaa..it sure is..free and priceless joy...!

JD said...

lol...this 1z kool...your feet with lost & waiting eh?