Tuesday, October 9, 2007


On a recent visit to ravivari, the sunday flea market below Ellisbridge, came across these two kids. These two brothers living in slums. There seemed to be an age difference of around two years between the kids.

What caught my attention was the signs of the growing up phase of siblings during childhood, where the elder one generally takes up the responsibility of showing off his newly discovered found knowledge about things around them to the younger one.

It was a joy to see the bond between the two children.

How they were playing together, running, laughing, oblivious to the environment and condition that they were born and living in.

How the two brothers were there for each other, learning with each other and taking care of each other while their parents were out to earn their daily bread was very heart touching. It does bring back some nostalgia of our our own childhood and the relationship that we shared with our siblings.


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JD said...

Nice Observation...

Ashu said...

Just remember, with each click I envy you one more time !

How just do you get to this kind of situations.. dts amazing .. N I am more thrilled about your going behind these "two" to capture the reality..


smart said...

Simply reflection of your thought on relationship,love attechment and togatherness, faith and trust.
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